About Us

Welcome to our About Us page! We are Graham and Pat and we are building our business using what we believe to be the top quality systems, tools and training available to become digital experts.

We would be happy to introduce you to the same systems we use to help you leverage the internet to make money online and become financially self-sufficient in the current exploding digital economy.

But first a little about us and our motivation for doing this.

When we met several years ago, we quickly realized that our values, hopes and dreams were very compatible and that our combined skills and years of life experience were significant.

We are passionate about living simply, in harmony with nature and moving toward freedom and self-reliance. Having an ethical, sustainable business that allows us to be financially self-sufficient and no longer dependant on unreliable employment or government pensions is key to our goals.

We hope to use our online efforts to help further these goals and to enable us to more readily share our combined experience and expertise to help others achieve their goals and move toward a healthy and prosperous lifestyle that is sustainable, good for our planet and good for one another.

Warm regards,

Graham & Pat


About Graham

Graham lived most of his life in beautiful natural surroundings. Living in rural country allowed for a freer lifestyle but demanded that one become more resourceful and independent.

For many years, he successfully managed all aspects of his home business as a contractor, carpenter, log builder and homesteader. Liking to be as self sufficient as possible, Graham is in the process of setting up our alternative energy system.

He is enjoying learning new skills to be of help to others in both his recently set-up hypnotherapy practise and as an online digital entrepreneur.

About Pat

Pat is the grateful mother of two amazing daughters who regularly teach her life's most important lessons. She is a retired naturopathic physician and past president of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine ( www.binm.org ), where she still teaches and serves on the governing board.

Her greatest satisfaction comes from assisting others - her children, patients, students - to learn or understand something new or become aware of something that allows them to more easily progress toward their goals. Those wonderful "aha!" moments!