Are You a Biz-Op Seeker or a Digital Entrepreneur?

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In a previous post, we discussed what was meant by the Digital Economy and the opportunity it affords to unprecedented numbers of ordinary people to leverage the internet and make money online.

 Differences Between a Biz-Op Seeker & Digital Entrepreneur

In this post, we will explore the subtle (or maybe not so subtle) but important differences between being a business opportunity seeker and being a digital entrepreneur. While there is certainly some overlap, and quite often one transforms from being a biz-op seeker to a digital entrepreneur, as we see it, there are key differences.

 Differences Between Biz-Op Seekers & Digital Entrepreneurs





  • Wants “done for you” systems
  • Wants max support in all areas (no time or interest in learning new skills)
  • Wants immediate & maximum results with least amount of effort
  • Gullible, unrealistic expectations, easily discouraged
  • Willing to work hard & learn new skills
  • Knows starting a business takes time, effort, perseverance
  • Eagerly confronts challenges & looks for creative solutions
  • Willing to grow personally
  • Optimistic
Area of Focus
  • Various & multiple / scattered
  • Moves from one opportunity to the next (shiny object syndrome)
  • Tends to get distracted, overwhelmed, unable to focus
  •  One main area of expertise – or –
  • Several niches, but one effective system for marketing & providing service
  • Able to ID, organize & accomplish essential tasks to grow business
Ultimate Goals
  • Money (lots) as indicator of success
  • Be able to quit “day job”
  • Time & financial freedom
  • Build a reputable & sustainable business
  • Provide good customer service &/or products
  • Achieve time & financial freedom, often to spend with family, improve lifestyle
  • Success ($$$) will come quickly with minimal effort & anonymity
  • Just need to find that one “easy money” op just around the corner
  • It takes hard work, commitment, dedication, & perseverance to build a successful business (online or off)
  • If you focus on providing excellent products / service & helping others, business & personal success will follow
  • Personal branding & integrity are essential


To become a successful digital entrepreneur requires skill development, personal growth, commitment, patience and effective marketing tools and training. Fortunately, as long as you have the right mindset (see above), almost anyone can learn to become a successful online business owner.

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