Enough About List Building, Already! Teach Me Some Marketing!

The List Building - Marketing Connection

The title of this post reflects the gist of a newbie question I heard at a recent Six Figure Mentor weekly webinar. The questioner can be forgiven for not grasping the important relationship between these two concepts, as most of us new to internet marketing take time to really appreciate and understand it - myself included!

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Your Email List = Foundation of a Good Marketing Strategy

The webinar presenters kindly and patiently pointed out that list building and marketing are really one and the same! Or at the very least, list building forms the foundation of an effective marketing strategy.

Let me use an example to explain... Suppose you have a wonderful new product you want to sell, let's say an e-book on organic gardening. You post it on your website with a nice image and description of the contents and... then what?

Do you just wait with crossed fingers for the avid organic gardeners who will somehow magically know they should flock to your site because you have a new product to offer them?

Of course not!

Worse yet, if you're new to your niche business, chances are that your site is so far down in SEO ranking, it wouldn't show up even if people DID search specifically for an organic gardening e-book!

So you advertise to get potential customers to come take a look and hopefully buy your book. The fastest way to do this is to purchase ads (banners or solo ads) on sites or e-zines that your niche market visits.

(And by the way, if an advertising offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is! I've been burned a few times myself! Now I use mostly tried and true sources I can trust, like the Directory of Ezines that has been around a long time and has an excellent track record!)

There are free ways to advertise as well of course, like writing and submitting e-zine articles, social media postings, news releases, etc. These can and do work, but they require a considerable amount of time and effort for uncertain results. (I actually try to use a combination of both paid and free advertising, especially until I can grow my advertising budget a bit more.)

So, let's imagine you do the advertising mentioned above (and remember, much of this is trial and error until you find an ad that produces lots of visitors to your site with good conversion rates, ie. a lot of them actually buy your book!)

You make some sales. Great!

Then...you come up with another product in your gardening niche and need to start all over again! Makes me tired just thinking about it!

The List Building Version

Now let's consider the list building version...

In this scenario, you still do the work of advertising, but this time, instead of immediately promoting your book, you offer something of real value absolutely free to your prospects. Some really useful gardening tips, for example. Or a coupon for some free seeds. And in exchange for this gift, you ask for their name and email address!

Now you are building a list!

You can and should keep building a good relationship with your list so they get to know you as the reliable, expert and reputable business owner you are! And they appreciate the value you give them in your free gifts, newsletter information, etc...

The List Building Advantage

Then and only then, you can begin offering your products to your list for sale. And they will be much more likely to purchase from you now because you have built a trusting relationship with them.

And you can keep offering new products to your list and they will keep buying from you...as long as they are happy customers, of course!

So to sum up, building a list allows you to do the hard work once and then keep reaping the rewards over time! So get started today building your list and watch your business grow!

To your success,

Graham & Pat




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