Marketing and Meditation

One of the benefits of a home based business is being able to work
from your home office or the kitchen table and not having to rush off to the
office or job site. Rushing out the door, forgetting your lunch and getting
caught in rush hour traffic, day after day. Once you are there at the office or
job site, being required to be focused on the job the whole time you are there.

Not to mention the inevitable distractions and frustrations that happen at work.

Working from home allows those so inclined to bring meditation into their working life a little more easily.

The freedom to choose when you work or when you take a break, with fewer or at least more manageable distractions, is what appeals to me most about having a home based business.

When my wife and I decided to start an online business, I had no idea how this would impact me both mentally and physically.

Having worked physically most of my life, I now found the minutes turning into hours as I sat in front of my laptop, not moving except for my arms and hands. My attention absorbed by this virtual world in front of me.

My body not moving and my mind beginning to buzz. Everything taking so much longer than it should.

Starting an online business required learning a whole new vocabulary and technology, which was at the same time both exciting (when it worked or I figured it out) and exhausting as time flew by trying to understand a new term, code or procedure.




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Meditation Refreshes the Mind and Body

The mind, like the body, needs rest from the constant input of information, tasks, challenges and thoughts of the day that fill the mind and shrink its awareness.  I find that taking a break periodically and doing a short meditation can revive me and let the buzz of the mind subside.

So now and then I stop and stretch, look out the window or go outside with a cup of tea, breathe and experience what is going on in the non virtual world around me.

It is refreshing to move away from the attention grabbing hypnotic affect of the computer screen.

Ahh... the sun shining on the trees or the rain gently falling... a vast spaciousness comes to our awareness and a silence that pervades everything when we just stop for a moment, take a long deep breath and just BE.

General Meditation Guidelines

For most of my adult life I have started my day with meditation.

Meditation can mean different things to people and be used for different purposes but generally in the context I am using it here, it is simply to quiet the chatter of the mind.

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Performing a simple repetitive action, such as following one's breath in and out….or counting the breath…or just sitting quietly observing what is going on inside one's mind and outside in the environment or repeating a mantra quietly to oneself are all ways that help the mind to quiet down and to bring one into a more present and aware experience of the moment.

Meditation usually allows me to have a calmer and more aware mental state. I feel better and it helps keep the challenges and tasks of each day in perspective.

Meditation also has a corresponding physical affect of resting the body and reducing stress

For some, posture is important, but just sitting upright helps keep you from getting so relaxed you fall asleep.

I usually sit on my couch or a chair with a cup of tea and just sit in the awareness of the present moment.

Just sitting quietly, letting the thoughts float by, or just listening or looking out the window at the trees, gently bringing the mind back to the present moment.

This is centering and calming, bringing me into the awareness of the silence and spaciousness that is always there in the background of our consciousness.

Meditation and internet marketing fit together well for me. Working from home allows me to earn a living as well as enjoy the time and freedom to meditate when I like.

Perhaps you would like to experience meditation or deep relaxation for yourself  and
see how it affects your day.

To your success,






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    1. Graham Snell

      Post author

      Hi April
      Thanks for reading my post.
      Yes, it is sort of like rebooting your computer. Stopping,(changing the focus of ones attention) and simple being aware of the present moment helps to bring some energy and clarity to your present situation, no matter what that may be.

        1. Graham Snell

          Post author

          Hi Tailynn
          Thanks for taking the time to comment.
          I am happy that it brought some joy into your life and wish you more of the same.

    2. You certain do know what youre takling about. Man, this blog is just great! I cant wait to read a lot more of what youve got to say. Im genuinely pleased that I came across this when I did because I was really starting to get bored with the entire blogging scene. Youve turned me around, man!

      1. Graham Snell

        Post author

        Thank you for your kind comments, I am glad that I was able to provide some inspiration.
        Slowing down the mind does help us to see things with a fresh perspective.
        Your comments were inspiring for me, so thank you.

    1. Graham Snell

      Post author

      Thank you Chianna,
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment and letting me know you liked the article.
      All the best


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